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The Greatest Gift

“Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

When I think back at all the gifts that I have given my children I think of the toys, the video games, the stuffed animals, and all the stuff I bought (that I was really buying so I could play with myself). But children never really remember the toys. The greatest gift I have ever given any of my children and family was the gift of a new dad. Where addiction gave them an absentee father, Jesus was able to give them a new dad.

At the Christian Care Center Men’s Residence every man that is in our program is here because they want to give their family a new life. They want to be better dads, husbands, sons, and brothers. They sacrifice a lot to commit to this program. They understand by entering into the program that they will not be with their families for over 7 months.

Christmas is a very hard time for not just our residents, but for the families that are at home. The wives who are holding the family together. Their children who just don’t understand why daddy isn’t here putting up the tree.

I remember the first Christmas when I was in the program and how people donated money to me so I could buy my son gifts. This selfless act by some truly opened my eyes to the Love of God.

Every year since coming on staff here I have worked with a special Family who goes out into the community and gets all the dads here presents for them to give to their children for Christmas. These sponsors truly understand the sacrifice these men are making to better their lives and the lives of their family and children.

They bring all the sponsored presents here so the dads can wrap them and then the dads have something to bring them for Christmas. For the guys who can’t see their children this family ships the presents to wherever they need to go.

The men were full of tears of joy because they saw how others understood the sacrifice they were making. They were ablet to see the love of God through this act and were able to be encouraged to keep fighting this fight with addiction. The children might not yet understand the true gift these dads are giving them by committing to the program, but the presents will remind them how much their dads love them.

This family is fulfilling the law of Christ by carrying the burden of each family represented at our Men’s Residence. If you would like to partner with the Men’s Residence through prayer, service or finances please email to find out how.

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