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Being a Blessing and Being Blessed - Summer Intern Aaron Crawford

Having just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology/Ministry Studies at the Baptist College of Florida and waiting for studies to start this fall at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in North Carolina, Aaron Crawford jumped at the chance to minister at the Christian Care Center this past summer. His interest in all aspects of the ministries and willingness to do WHATEVER ASKED was such a blessing!

  • From delivering food to the disabled to leading Bible studies at the Men’s Residence

  • From fixing a bike for a little boy and watching the joy on his face as he pedaled down the sidewalk to putting together cribs for moms-to-be

  • From facilitating a Bible study with a couple to baptizing them and performing a marriage ceremony for them weeks later (both firsts for Aaron!)

  • From moving large amounts of food to counseling people coming for food at the Benevolence Center

  • From helping with sports activities at Vacation Bible School for two weeks to Children’s Church on Sundays

  • From teaching and assisting Wednesday nights for children’s ministry to crafts and games with the kids at the Samaritan Inn during the week

  • From getting the Pregnancy & Family Care Center IPAD up and running to grading and reviewing parenting class homework

  • From checking out and prepping donated computers to the CCC to reviewing ministry management with CCC Director Bill Jones

  • From fine tuning Bible Studies at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center to being educated on abortion in America, it’s history and techniques

  • From cleaning A/C units at Samaritan Inn to cleaning out records for another one of the ministries. From touring Kingstone Media Bible Distribution Warehouse to counting donations for the PFCC Baby Bottle Boomerang

  • From Pregnancy & Family Care Center data entry to receptionist

  • From organizing thousands of diapers and delivering to Lakeland to putting donated furniture together for the Pregnancy & Family Care Center

  • And last but most importantly, from sharing the Gospel to praying with and for hurting people

What matters most isn’t the “doing” but the reason for the “doing” – to glorify God (make Him bigger). Looking forward to seeing how God uses Aaron’s experience at the CCC for His Kingdom in the future months and years to come!

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