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Over and Beyond Kind of Love

When “Terry” came to us just a few months ago, she was fleeing from a domestic violence relationship in another state. She moved here alone, and pregnant with twin boys. She was beginning her new life and healing in a place she knew nothing about. With the advice of someone, who told her about all of our services at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center, she reluctantly decided to visit. She was indeed in need of some help, but still not feeling 100 percent safe. She told us after a couple of visits that we were the only place she felt safe.

Terry quickly began to dive into our Bible studies, movies, and Bright Course lessons to get all of the things she was going to need for her babies.

At one of our sessions with her, Terry told me she had no family here and how appreciative she was of our services as previously she had no idea how she would be able to get all the things her babies would need.

My heart went out to her for many reasons. I understood the depth of domestic violence and how scary it is to begin again. I did not understand the depth of being pregnant with twins and being a single mom in a new state. I wondered how could we do more? It only took one phone call to Judi Larned and Joan Essenberg from Village Park campus. They quickly wrapped their arms around our client and began to plan a baby shower for her. At the same time, two of our volunteers, Pam Pape and Sandy Thomason began their own project for her. Our client had been earning hours for a baby changer dresser that needed a “do over.” Pam and Sandy took it home and painted and filled it up with baby items. Our client said that if she could have done it herself, she would have wanted it to be decorated and painted exactly the same way!

We love to pour into our clients here with all of the different ways that they can earn hours for their needs, but the best way to show them Jesus is to show them love. And that is exactly what our volunteers and church family do here by going over and beyond.

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