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Meeting Needs from One Ministry to Another

One of our Pregnancy & Family clients, Kayla, texted me early one morning saying that they were in need of food but had no transportation and she asked if we could help. Their only vehicle was broken down and her husband was having to Uber back and forth to work, in addition to having missed some days…all of this culminating in reduced income to provide for their family.

Within an hour after my call to the Benevolence Center requesting their help, three boxes of food were delivered to us at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center. When I showed up with their food, Kayla’s husband answered the door. Not aware that Kayla had called for help, it was as if he’d seen an angel. His face radiated thanksgiving and awe as God provided for their family through the Christian Care Center. With tears in her eyes Kayla thanked us and God for these provisions. My answer was, “It’s all Jesus working through His people.” I love it when Christian Care Center ministries work together!

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