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Many Hands Make Light Work

Last week at the Samaritan Inn, we were contacted by the Pregnancy Care Center with an urgent need for a homeless woman and her 5 children. We had only one space that could accommodate such a large need… the problem was, it was nowhere near “move in ready.”

A seemingly insurmountable task became manageable by the outpouring of support by volunteers and our ministry partners here at the Christian Care Center. Supplies were paid for by donations, community members stayed late into the night painting and prepping the rooms, and we even had furniture donated by the First Baptist Thrift Store.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well, we were utterly blessed to watch a village come together to meet this need. When the van pulled up on move-in day, there was excitement in the children’s faces. Someone said, “I told you God would give you a home, this is your home.”

The two youngest children’s eyes lit up with joy as they explored their new room. The fears and insecurities of homelessness seemed to evaporate from the family. In that moment, I saw the gospel on the face of a child, as he dared to believe that he was safe in a refuge. For the first time he had hope for the future.

We all were once lost and alone, without a hope, until someone shared the love of Jesus with us. We at Samaritan Inn want to thank all of our ministry partners, our donors, and volunteers for all that you do so that we can continue to speak life into these families. You make all of these things possible; it’s amazing to watch all of your many hands make light work.

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