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Lavish Love

As the Anthony House comes to visit the Pregnancy & Family Care Center on Thursdays, here is what our Director and Assistant Director have had to say.

“Lavish love - my first thought is God's love for us, my next thought is your love for the Anthony House ladies and each other. You are the hands and feet of Jesus!” Director Wanda Kohn for the Pregnancy & Family Care Center.

“Thursday mornings here at the Pregnancy & Family are so precious. We get to minister to some sweet girls from Anthony House who take the drive to us every week! Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day! Carolyn Pankalla, Chris Naramore, Martyne Lipps, Ruth Bruce, Debbie Jennings, thank you for loving these girls the way you do! Today was super sweet! The Presence of God was in this place! Jesus showed up and proved He is the best Valentine. Only He can get to the depth of our pain and hug our hearts the way He did today.” Assistant Director Rachel Caruso for the Pregnancy & Family Care Center.

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