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Florida Hometown USA Visits WCC

Recently, Florida Hometown USA had a wonderful visit with the Women’s Care Center. Ms. Linda Watts and the young ladies are always a blessing to the ladies at the WCC, and this time together proved to be extra special with great fun, fellowship and crafts! Everyone was able to show off their artistic side while painting some of the cutest rocks around.

The Florida Hometown USA girls also had a chance to share a little about their special interests. Kayce shared the story of Alex’s Dragonfly Revolution and its “Wear One – Share One” Program. This program is breaking the stigma of mental illness, and the WCC ladies were proud to receive their dragonflies!

Kady shared her book with the ladies, explaining eTreasure, Inc. She has launched this to educate and to benefit the community at large through recycling, refurbishing and redistribution of electronic devices!

These young ladies laughed and loved on the WCC ladies, making it a memorable and joyous Saturday afternoon! If you would like to learn more about the Women’s Care Center, or how you could partner with us either prayerfully of financially, contact our Director, Sherry Stewart at 352-787-8929.

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