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Daughter Shares Testimony of her Mom, a Life Transformed

Story time with Mrs. Aiuto because my momma, Gina Beasley, told me I could share. I woke up the other day and felt led to share a little of our testimony but brushed it off. Today, I woke up and knew I needed to share because someone out there needs to know that God can work in any situation and in any circumstance.

Most don't know that when I was growing up, my momma was a struggling alcoholic. She missed out on a lot, but she wasn't the worst mom, no matter how she feels about it. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy; I took care of her, but I think she really hit rock bottom after that. It got so bad I reached out to a side of our family that was over in Leesburg, Florida. I asked if there was any way they could get my mom into the Women's Care Center, and they did. My mom, of course, refused to go and said she didn't have a problem; but my sister and I had no problem shoving her in the car and dropping her off.

About two weeks in, my mom got down on hands and knees and asked God if this was really where she needed to be to take all the temptations away, and He did what only He could do. She hasn't had a drink or a smoke since December of 2012. She was then diagnosed with lung cancer while there and I was devastated, but she knew that was God's way of giving her a 'redo' to kick cancer the right way, turning to Him instead of a bottle.

Her life was completely transformed because of Jesus Christ. She has gone from death to life. She is now the assistant director for the same Women's Care Center that poured into her. She is MY living testimony. She went from, yes, being an alcoholic momma to being my best friend in the whole world. There is not one day that goes by I don't thank God for everything He did for my mom and me.

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