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Collaboration at Work

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

We love to watch as the Lord will so often connect so many different puzzle pieces for His glory! We want to share with you a testimony written by Wanda Kohn, our Pregnancy & Family Care Center Director.

"Barbie was leaving her job at LifeStream in early December when I ran into her in the parking lot. I was with a client seeking help and she was kind enough to direct us. It was apparent that she had much compassion for others and loved Jesus so, in our conversation, we exchanged phone numbers. I received a call the next day from Barbie explaining that there was a man who was just discharged, and he was going to apply for our Men’s Residence. However, he had nowhere to store his belongings and wasn’t sure where to stay until he could get an interview with the Men’s Residence, so we helped accommodate him. By the next evening the Men’s Residence accepted him, and he has been growing in his recovery and in his faith ever since! He now cooks for the men and the homeless who eat at the Men’s Residence for evening meals. What a blessing he has been! We are also thankful to Barbie for sending him our way!"

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