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Baby Bottle Boomerang – 2020 Report

-written by Wanda Kohn, Director of our Pregnancy & Family Care Center

We would like to thank the following churches for their incredible partnership with us in the 2020 Baby Bottle Boomerang, our yearly fundraiser for our Pregnancy & Family Care Center:

  • First Baptist Church of Leesburg, all three campuses: Downtown Campus, Village Park Campus and South Campus

  • Grace Tabernacle

  • Good News

  • Grace Evangelical Presbyterian

  • Seventh Day Adventist Lady lake

  • Berean Baptist Church

  • First Baptist Tavares

  • Freedom Fellowship

  • Pennbrooke Community Church

  • Graceway Church

  • New Life Baptist Church

  • Encounter Church

  • Bethany Lutheran Church

Tri-County Baptist, Church of the Lakes and Grace Bible Baptist were to have Baby Bottle drives around Mother’s Day which didn’t happen due to COVID. It would have been over $50,000 if they had been able to participate! It was a great year for baby bottles! Some baby bottles will still be arriving from Encounter Church and Bethany Lutheran. Both of these churches literally gave out the baby bottles to start collection just a week before COVID hit.

I can’t thank Kathy Mannara enough for her time and energy she put into helping with counting Baby Bottles!

God is good! First Baptist Church of Leesburg and its campuses have been wonderful at supporting the Pregnancy & Family Care Center. We’re looking forward using these funds to keep us being able to do the kind of ministry we do, as we continue to join arms together in the fight for life.

CLICK HERE to give online or CLICK HERE to schedule a tour. #ccc #ChristianCareCenter #needy #meetingneeds #SharingChrist #livestransformed

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