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  • Sherry Stewart, Women's Care Center Director

WCC Graduate Update

The recent graduates from the Women’s Care Center continue to push forward and make great strides in navigating their way through new jobs, balancing schedules, and maintaining a healthy and positive daily routine. While they have graduated the program and are transitioning here at the Women’s Care Center, they continue to share in household responsibilities, chores and also join together for dinner.

Dinner time is a wonderful gathering together and to hear about their day and any possible struggles they may be experiencing. They offer hope to the ladies that are currently in the program because they are able to share how God continues to move in their lives, and also how they continue to stay connected and use the tools that they have learned. All of the ladies continue to go to church, Bible studies and Celebrate Recovery together.

Three of the graduates are blessed to have found jobs that are within walking distance to the Women’s Care Center, while saving for a vehicle. Gail is working at Ammerman, a local insurance company. Michelle is working at Lifestream and Meryl is at the Leesburg DMV/Tax Collector’s office. Linda was able to get her driver’s license reinstated and get her car back on the road just in time to begin work at Fantastic Sam’s in Lady Lake.

Recently, Michelle accomplished the task of getting her driver’s license reinstated after a suspension. Michelle visited the DMV/Tax Collector’s office, which also happens to be where Meryl is working. Michelle thought she would only be able to get her Florida ID card but was pleasantly surprised when she found out her suspension had been lifted. Meryl had the pleasure of presenting Michelle with her reinstated Driver’s License. Needless to say, both of the ladies were excited!

We are very proud of our graduates, and it is exciting to see all that God is doing in them and through them. Won’t you continue to lift them in prayer? If you would like to know more about the Women’s Care Center or how you could partner with them, either financially or in specific prayer, please contact our Director, Sherry Stewart at (352) 787-8929.

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