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Samaritan Inn Gets Schooled

Samaritan Inn got “schooled” recently in an UNO tournament against Carver Middle School’s Honor Society students. The Honor Society team was led by First Baptist’s own Linda Wright. There were allegations that the judges were also bribed with the pizza that was provided…hmmm.

The students also led craft time for our smallest residents, making it fun for all ages. This was the second time Carver’s Honor Society had sponsored a Game Day in the last two months and many residents look forward to a rematch when the next school year begins.

At the Samaritan Inn we want to thank not only Mrs. Wright and the honor students of Carver, but also the many groups who come and show love to our families. Whether by playing games, providing meals, or even a night of worship, you all continue to show it can be fun to serve!

If you, your family, or your group would like to serve with us, please reach out to or call 352-434-1832.

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