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Friends Make a Sweet Visit to the Christian Care Center

I met Keith in an AOL chat room in the 1990’s as we were both witnessing to the same woman. Three years later he flew from California and lived with my husband and I that summer while he worked as a student intern for First Baptist Leesburg student ministry under Gordon Sanders. We stayed in touch on and off over the years.

Four years ago, his wife, Lori, and oldest daughter, Hannah, (7) died in a car accident in front of their church that involved all four of them. Keith nearly died as well, but Claire came out unscathed.

Our communication started back up and I offered a place for him and Claire to stay if they ever wanted to come to Florida. He took me up on our offer and came to stay with my husband and I in May. It was mostly vacation, but they spent a couple of days at the Christian Care Center as I had lined up several people for him to talk to including directors and those who were being helped through the ministries.

After leaving, Keith felt led to come back a second time, this time to spend almost all of their time at the Christian Care Center, counseling at the Benevolence Center, teaching at the Men’s Residence as well as fellowshipping with them every day. He also continued to meet with more people who either ministered or was being ministered to. They were blessed so much that they are considering coming back for the entire summer next year and ministering where needed. The accident changed Claire and gave her a tender heart for the Lord. She knows that her Mama and sister are with Jesus.

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