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Former Graduate Visits the Women's Care Center

It’s always wonderful to hear from a past graduate and especially nice when they stop in for a surprise visit. Recently Tara Church surprised everyone at the Women’s Care Center, which called for a celebration because she is currently 5 years sober from her drug addiction. After graduating from the program, Tara stayed in the area for a while and began working at the Children’s Shelter with Jamie Scher, who was Director at the time.

Even after returning to North Carolina to be closer to family, Tara has kept in touch with her Christian Care Center family and friends. Her passion for people has made her the perfect person for her current job, working with special needs adults. Tara’s love for the Lord and compassionate nature is evident in all that she does.

Her CCC family immediately came to mind when she had a close family member struggling with addiction. She thought of the Christian Care Center and specifically the Men’s Residence, where Jamie Scher is currently the Assistant Director. She was hoping God would open the doors for her cousin to have the opportunity to experience the same heart change that she experienced at the Women’s Care Center years ago. Thank God for answered prayer, because those doors were opened.

God is doing some amazing things on the Christian Care Center campus. Strongholds are being broken, hearts are being changed, and men and women are finding strength and hope in Jesus!

If you haven’t taken a tour of the Christian Care Center campus, put that on your “to-do” list today! There are eight ministries that are meeting needs and sharing Christ. Love started a movement – find out how you can join us either prayerfully or financially!

For specific information or prayer requests of the Women’s Care Center, contact Sherry Stewart at (352) 787-8929. Let’s keep our ladies and former graduates in prayer!

Tara Church, we are proud of you!

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