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  • Stephanie Peebles, Director of Development

Welcome Home Christian Church participates in Love Your Neighbor Food Drive

The Christian Care Center is very thankful for the members of Welcome Home Christian Church for participating in the Benevolence Center’s Love Your Neighbor Canned Food Drive. Overall, 102 cans of food were donated and the cash and checks wrapped around the cans totaled $1,829. Through the monetary donations we can get 5X more food than you can purchase and this allows us to pay for things like fueling up our delivery truck and providing client services. Each week we provide food, clothing and household items for 300 families in need, we serve those who live on our Christian Care Center Campus and provide the food for a hot meal that is served daily at our Christian Care Center Men’s Residence to those in need in our community. Each week we share the Good News of Jesus, encouraging our clients in their relationship with Him. What a joy it is to serve our community together!


If you, your group, or church would like more information on hosting a

fundraiser or community event to benefit the Christian Care Center,

please contact Stephanie Peebles @ 352.360.7975

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