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Samaritan Inn Resident Serves as House Mom

The Samaritan Inn is really excited to announce the new hire of one of our former residents, Miss Amanda Mullins! As with most cases within the Christian Care Center when we see somebody who is a great success story and is walking closely with the Lord, we like to continue to encourage them by putting them in a position to serve and continue to grow!!

Amanda has been with us for just over 18 months and has recently transitioned into one of our double rooms which provides a family more space as they prepare for the next steps. It has been such a joy to watch this amazing woman grow in her faith and to see her heart of compassion for serving others.

She has done such a wonderful job with her ability to communicate with our women here and help them feel comfortable as they come into an environment that they are very unfamiliar with. We are so excited with what she can bring to the table as we continue to minister to these incredible families at Samaritan Inn.

Would you be so kind and not only be praying for our ministry but especially Amanda and her two boys, Adam and Chase, as she looks to transition into her new role as our House Mom? If you have any interest in connecting with us or want to volunteer, please feel free to email me at

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