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The Loving Option of Adoption

In the summer of 2019 a local Christian, Jan Stanhope, gave me a call asking if I knew of any pregnant women who might be considering adoption. You see, Jan’s niece knew of a couple in Maine who had been trying to adopt a baby but because of their conservative, Judeo-Christian values, they were being disregarded by many in the adoption system in that state. I explained to the couple that I could not match them up with a baby, but I could and did give them the names of the adoption agencies to which we refer our clients when we have someone interested in adoption.

Two years later, I received a call that Travis and Sarah had been chosen to be forever parents to a Safe Haven Baby, Tirzah Lily, born to a 15-year-old girl in Tallahassee. Travis and Sarah named their little girl Tirzah which means “my delight” in Hebrew. What a joy it was to meet this sweet family when they came to us at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center to introduce us to Tirzah and to say thank you! God is good!

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