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Graduate of our Men's Residence Learns How to Become a Better Father

Congratulations to Josh Reyneveld on his completion of the Christian parenting class he completed at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center. Pregnancy & Family Care Center Director Wanda Kohn and her husband, Bob, taught Josh and his brother in second grade Sunday School many years ago! Also, at that time Josh’s father had attended the same parenting class, and Josh recalls the positive changes in his father’s parenting practices from his taking the class. So, Josh was very excited to have the opportunity to take them himself as he now has a 12-year-old son.

Josh struggled for years with drugs, and many prayers have been lifted to God for Josh’s life to be spared and for him to receive freedom in Christ from his addiction. Josh confesses that on more than one occasion his family should have been preparing for his funeral from overdosing, but God spared him more than once. Josh finally surrendered to the Lord and came into our Men’s Residence to draw close to God and to start his recovery. His father will tell you that Josh is a changed man! God is doing a work in Josh’s life that will affect generations to come! We are so blessed in the partnerships that the Christian Care Center ministries have with one another as we seek to meet the needs of those who we serve.

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