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Ladies Host a Meet the Baby Shower

Maisun came to us back in October with a crisis pregnancy. Concerned with the financial responsibility another child would bring, she and her husband were overwhelmed. We encouraged Maisun to trust God and to allow us to walk alongside them through this pregnancy.

Before long, she began to see some of her greatest needs for her baby met through our Pregnancy & Family Care Center and those affiliated with us. Another church who gives to this ministry sponsored her other two children to receive presents for Christmas.

As Maisun continued to visit us, Pam Pape who is one of our volunteers and attends Village Park, overheard her say she didn’t have anyone to invite to a baby shower. Before long, the Village Park ladies put together a beautiful baby shower. Maisun texted Rachel Caruso on the day of the baby shower and said, “Today is the day and I’m so excited yet so nervous. This is all so new to me. I feel so loved by you all and your kindness. I am so grateful.”

At the end of the shower, Sally Jensen asked Maisun would she be willing to meet up again for a “Meet the Baby” luncheon. Chrissy was born on May 11, 2023. Sally and the ladies not only wanted to meet the baby, but also her other two children. This time, they bought gifts and school clothing for her girls. Sally Jensen hosted the amazing luncheon in her home.

Maisun feels like she has met enough First Baptist ladies to feel like she has a family waiting to greet her at the Village Park campus on a Sunday very soon. This is the gospel in action. The body of Christ came together to meet Maisun and her family’s needs and, in doing so, revealed the heart of our Father in a tangible and personal way.

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