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  • Kelly Yoder, FPCC worker

Come to the Table

We have this table in the lobby of the Pregnancy & Family Care Center. Sometimes it’s full, sometimes it’s empty, but it’s always ready. There’s nothing specifically honorable about it…until God honors us with His Presence there.

A few weeks back, this beautiful red-haired lady came into the center. She looked put together, dressed in a business suit. She was very well spoken, an educated lady. From the outside, she didn’t look like she was in a struggle, but she was.

This seemingly successful lady had a seemingly large problem at that very time. She was attending a training course for a new position at work which would better her income. During that time of promotion, there were a couple weeks with nothing monetary coming in. She was at her wits end. Her lights were set to be turned off that very afternoon.

We don’t have funds set aside for utilities, but we offered her what we do have available, an understanding of being a child of the One with unsearchable riches. We prayed with her that Jesus would find a way to keep her lights on. At that very moment, a former client walked in. She had dealt with this situation not so long ago. She gave a strategy to this new friend about emailing an external resource for help.

Our new friend followed the advice of the former client. And we waited. Later that afternoon, we got a text from this sweet girl. Her light bill was paid in full! Not just full but overflowing! God orchestrated this meeting at the table and the amount of her light bill was covered: previous amount, current amount, and even some left for the future. He really does work all things together for our good and abundantly blesses those who come to Him. This girl was strengthened in the knowledge that she is God’s girl and that He is our provision. That day, He prepared this table just for her, and we can’t wait to see how He will continue to meet us there.

It’s a place where we can say to our clients, “Friend, come up higher.” It’s a place where He shows that His hand is never short when we earnestly seek Him in prayer. It’s all His anyways: our center, our lives, this table. We are so grateful for the people He sends our way and hope they realize that they always have a place here. It’s up to us to take note of these small little miracles and thank Him for coming to meet us at this very table.

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