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Adrianna’s Rainbow Baby

Adrianna came to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center today to show off how much her beautiful little girl is growing. Adrianna unfortunately lost her first baby, Jayce, but then came back and allowed us to walk her through some healing with the grief classes that we offer.

It was a very difficult time, but the healing she began here helped her to prepare for the blessing that was coming, little Madison (a rainbow baby, they say). According to one source, “A rainbow baby is a name coined for a healthy baby born after losing a baby due to miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or neonatal death.”

Adrianna often donates diapers, formula, and baby items to give back to other women who may need help. Adrianna is now in school and very close to becoming a nurse in NICU. What a blessing it is to have clients return to be able to bless us back.

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