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A Night to be Remembered

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

We are so thankful for the opportunities God continues to provide for His people. The Samaritan Inn was blessed to take one our children to his very first NHL game!!

Here is a picture of Miguel being a big help on the way there.

Miguel and our Samaritan Inn Director, John Draxinger, were as close to the action as it gets for a night of fun and adventure!!

The game featured the Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators. These are the moments that are so coveted because they provide opportunity for conversations and mentorship that will last a lifetime!! This was surely a night that Miguel will never forget!!

For all that partner with the CCC and Samaritan Inn individually, we thank you for making this possible through your generosity. May the Lord continue to press into our hearts His infinite love so that we can in turn pour it out on these children!!

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