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Buying, selling or leasing residential or commercial property?

Through this program, up to 25% of your normal real estate fees will be donated

to the Christian Care Center!

An “average” priced home sale and purchase can create a

donation of up to $3,000 which can …

  • Feed 1,500 homeless or hungry men, women & children a well‐balanced hot meal

  • Provide 16,000 pounds of non‐perishable food for our food pantry

  • Sponsor a man or woman for 8 months at our residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation program

  • Help 30 families in crisis at our Pregnancy & Family Care Center

  • Provide a home for 40 days for a child at our Children’s Shelter

  • Sponsor a homeless family with children for 4 months at our Samaritan Inn

  • Supply $30,000 of medical and dental services for someone in desperate need

  • Provide a job seminar for 120 people looking for work

Call 888‐960‐2262 and ask for the real estate division for more details.


What is the “Moving with a Purpose” program?

Simply put, it is a way that a significant part of the real estate commission you would ordinarily pay a real estate agent for buying or selling your home, would be donated by our real estate referral company to the Christian Care Center after the sale/purchase transaction closes. A real estate company, who is a friend of CCC, is offering to be our real estate referral company and donate 100% of their referral fee to the Christian Care Center.


How does it work?

Before you speak or engage a real estate agent or real estate company, speak to the referral company at 888‐960‐2262. They would be glad to recommend a real estate agent that may be best suited to list or sell your house. If you have a real estate agent in mind that you would like to work with, the referral company will set up this program so you can get started selling and/or buying your home immediately.


How much will this program cost me?

Absolutely nothing… ever! And getting the right real estate agent may even bring you extra money!


What if we want to buy and not sell?

Great! They will refer you to a real estate agent who works as a “Buyers Agent”. If you are pleased with them, you are on your way. If you would rather a different agent, just let them know before you speak to another agent or you can suggest who you would like to work with, and they will arrange it. 


I know a real estate agent, my friend or relative is a real estate agent, or I already have a real estate agent I’ve worked with in the past, so can I use them?

Certainly, but contact 888‐960‐2262 first before mentioning it to them. Almost all real estate agents in the USA or Canada would be interested in this program because they could receive more leads and referrals which would give them more business.


Where does the money donated to the Christian Care Center come from?

By using this referral service, you are allowing up to 25% of the real estate commission received by the referral company to go to the Christian Care Center. This is the portion that the referral company would receive from the sale and will donate to CCC.


Where do I start?

Before you contact or commit to a real estate agent, call 888‐960‐2262 so they can get a bit of information and then you’ll be on your way.


How soon should I call?

Call just as soon as you think that you might be interested in buying, selling or leasing property. It is never too soon, even if your plans are not for a year or two.


Does this work for commercial leases or purchases?

Absolutely! Follow the procedures mentioned above and they would be happy to help you because assisting you helps the Christian Care Center “Meet Needs and Share Christ”.

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