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Village Park Ladies Throw a Baby Shower for One of our Clients

Maisun came in seeking guidance on how she should move forward with her pregnancy. She was unsure about what to do since their family was already struggling financially. All she needed was to know she was not alone and that there were resources available to help her.

One of the first things that happened was that we were able to connect her with a church that wanted to bless our clients for Christmas. Maisun was so grateful. Maisun was laid off of work and although she tried to find other work quickly, her pregnancy nausea made it difficult to find work. We connected her to resources for daycare help.

While she was visiting our Pregnancy & Family Care Center one day, I asked Maisun if she was having a baby shower now that things seemed to be falling into place. She said she really didn't have anyone to come to a baby shower. One our volunteers, Pam Pape, overheard our conversation and said, "I know someone who would come," referring to the sweet ladies’ group at Village Park. They jumped right in and gave Maisun a baby shower as if she were their very own daughter. It was beautiful.

Maisun sent me a text the morning of the shower. She said, "Today is the day and I'm so excited yet so nervous. This is all so new to me. I feel so loved by you all and your kindness. I am so grateful for you and everything you have done; I couldn’t thank you enough. God put you where you are for a reason, and I hope you see all the great things you make happen for people!" My reply was, BUT it is all Jesus...It is Him."

I am thankful for the amazing children of God I get to serve with here at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center. The way that God ordains things and then the way it just all comes together is even more visible proof that we serve a big, loving and kind God.

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