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Resident Shares Testimony of a Life Transformed

One of our residents recently posted this, and we wanted to share it with you!

As most of you know today is my birthday. I turned 35 years old today. I would like to praise God for another year of life, especially for another year SOBER. That's truly a big deal for me. See, I struggled with addiction from the time I was 16 years old. As you can see in the picture on the left, I'm in the worst part of my addiction to meth – I'm 110 lbs and miserable. I hated myself I didn't want to live. There were many times I should've died but God said, “No, you have a purpose, and you have to tell others your story and that I am real.” So, from someone who spent a lifetime wondering if God's really real, a lifetime of searching for love in all the wrong places to fill the God shaped hole in my soul – GOD IS REAL and HE LOVES YOU WITH AN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that's hard to comprehend, hard to receive; but if you give Him a chance to love you, I promise He won't let you down. His love is why I'm alive today why I'm sober today. So, thank you Jesus for who you are and for loving me no matter what, for not giving up on me and for another year to glorify YOU.
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