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Leesburg Fire Department Visits the Samaritan Inn

Recently, the Samaritan Inn children were blessed to have our local Leesburg Fire Department come out and have lunch with them. In addition, the officers were able to teach our children about fire safety!

For the first 15 minutes they allowed the kids to do a Q&A where they asked plenty of questions. The highlight of the day was when the firemen showed the children around the truck and put on their gear so the kids could see what it looked like. They were surprised to learn that it weighs 87 pounds!!

This was a very special day for many of the kids as they got to see something a lot of them have never experienced before! To many of the kids, they got what they called a chance “to meet a real-life superhero”! We can’t thank you gentleman enough for taking the time out of your day to come out and show your support to this ministry, and for your faithful commitment to our wonderful city of Leesburg.

If you have interest in partnering with the Christian Care Center and the Samaritan Inn please contact John Draxinger via email at Thank you to all who support and love on our families, we couldn’t do it without you!

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