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God Reveals His Love through the Pregnancy Center and a Night at the Movies

Aliyah recently came to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center for a pregnancy test. She let our volunteers know that she had been thinking about her faith due to her pregnancy and current situation, but she just wasn’t ready to make a spiritual commitment.

Aliyah continued coming in and doing accountability to earn baby items but was still unsure of what she believed. Volunteer, Kathy Mannara, lovingly counseled Aliyah. Kathy was telling our volunteers about a new Christian movie called “Life Mark” that just came out. Before the end of the day, we gathered a group of ladies that included our clients, as well as the Women’s Care Center ladies and took them to the movie.

The movie shared the gospel message and at the end, we were debriefing with the ladies. Aliyah made a comment that she was ready to receive Christ. We led her in a prayer of surrender right there in the movie theater. The next morning, another one of our volunteers took Aliyah and another client to breakfast.

We love the way that the body of Christ works together and goes above and beyond at the Christian Care Center to make sure people know they are loved. Aliyah is now reading her Bible and continuing to seek God for help in her new life of learning to trust Him completely.

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