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Entire Family Restored

A few weeks ago, the following testimony was written by Rachel Caruso, the Assistant Director of our Pregnancy & Family Care Center, and we wanted to share it with you.

God not only picks up all our personal pieces and puts us back together, but He also restores our family. I am so proud of my little cousin! I am honestly not proud to admit this part, but I used to contribute to his drug use, but today we are sitting in the living room together and he’s sharing with us what God was saying to him early this morning! It’s been 16 years this March I have been clean, but God is bringing all of our family back to Him and back to each other, one by one. I am thankful again to the Christian Care Center for providing a place for people who are ready to surrender. I’m losing count of all the ones who are my family or personal friends who, over the years, have been set free through the love and support of the programs here!

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