“As you did it for one of the least of these my brothers, you did it for me” – Jesus.

A young woman was living a life of desperation and destruction.  Using drugs and alcohol to address the pain, she was out of control.  In her intoxicated state she made many mistakes.  She was arrested and placed in the Lake County Jail.  “If you can’t control your life, authorities will control your life for you”.  She discovered she was pregnant.  “You are responsible and accountable for the choices you make and there are consequences”.

Realizing what a wreck she had made of her life she came to the Christian Care Center; the Pregnancy and Family Care Center, because she thought it was a place to have an abortion of the child she was carrying.  What she found instead was a group of people who loved her and helped her understand there are other options.  They introduced her to the love of Jesus Christ and to the Women’s Care Center where she could learn to live without the use of alcohol and other drugs.  She made the difficult choice to enter the program there and learn how take control over her life.

While at WCC she accepted the saving grace of The Lord and was baptized.  She became employed and walked two miles to and from work.  She gained strength of body, mind and soul.  After a time of recovery and restoration she wanted to be reunited with her children but had no home, no transportation and no support.  She was accepted to The Samaritan Inn, a transitional housing ministry for homeless children and the custodial parent(s).  She was able to obtain food and clothing at The Benevolence Center to help meet her physical needs.

At the Inn she continued to walk to work, received counseling and how to be a proper mother to her children.  She became employed as a housekeeper at First Baptist Leesburg, which had begun the Christian Care Center Ministry Village on campus in 1982.  She desired to become a Dental Assistant and received assistance from The Genesis Center, another ministry of First Baptist Leesburg.  A donor gave a vehicle to First Baptist which she received as a positive consequence for her determined new approach to living a successful and positive life and example to others.

Upon graduation from Lake Tech she applied for and received a position with a local dentist, she moved into her own apartment with her two delightful young boys, she continued her relationship with Jesus Christ and the church where she met The Lord and learned how to live a positive and productive life.  She met a man who had gone through his own struggles and had given his life to Christ.  Determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past they slowly developed a relationship based on mutual respect and Godly principals rather than the message of The World.  After some time they pledged to live their lives together in a way that not only shows respect for themselves and each other but honors the one true Living God.  She married this man in the chapel at First Baptist Leesburg October 12, 2013 beginning a new chapter in her life, the life of her husband and the lives of her children. The attached photograph is this young couple after their marriage in the First Baptist Church Chapel.  Pray for this young family as they begin the journey of life as husband and wife with two young boys who love their mom and step dad.

There are many stories that come from the Samaritan Inn and The Ministry Village at First Baptist Leesburg.  This is just one of them; a story of despair, discovery, hope, acceptance, recovery and restoration – all in the name of Jesus Christ.  Not all who come to this Ministry Village are successful but there are many who realize the fullness of life and seize the opportunity live it in a God honoring way.  These stories are made possible through the generosity of The Community of Faith which has given freely of its time, talent and treasure to help those in need.

We at Samaritan Inn and the other ministries of Christian Care Center at First Baptist Leesburg want to thank you from the depths of our hearts for your prayers and assistance in making stories like this possible.

Chester Wood, Samaritan Inn Director
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” -Luke 18.16