Feed the Hungry A


“God brought us here.”

When Mike shared his story with me, it was simple yet so sad. “I am a veteran, a single father of 3, and we are homeless.”

Mike lost his job due to cut backs and soon their meager savings ran out. He had no other resources and no family to turn to for help. Other charitable organizations couldn’t help Mike due to the fact he was a single father.

Mike and his 3 kids showed up on the doorstep of Christian Care Center, and we immediately took them in and welcomed them with open arms. This was only possible because of your faithful support.

You can’t imagine what it meant for Mike to hear the words from Ms. Jacinda’s mouth, “We can help! Dads need help too.”

Mike and his family came to the Christian Care Center over a month ago, and because of you, they are well on their way to becoming another success story. Each day they receive three meals, Bible-based counseling, and help transitioning to a permanent place of their own.

Sadly, Mike’s not alone.

This Thanksgiving season, many others in our community who are homeless, hungry, and struggling with a tough situation will come to the Christian Care Center. They are desperately seeking a new life and need your help. 

Please send a gift today to continue helping Mike and his family along with others who need a hot meal and a new life.

Many times it’s the simple meal you provide that is the first step in God changing their lives. Many overcome addiction, get their GEDs, reunite with family and so many other positive outcomes.

It only costs $1.97 to feed one hurting person and help them take that first step toward God. Please take a moment right now and ask God how He would have you help the poor, homeless, and hungry this Thanksgiving. Then send your gift.

Thanksgiving is only weeks away. Please help us be ready.

It is your gift that allows the love of Jesus Christ to be shared, provides a good meal and so much more.

When you give, lives are changed.


Thankful for you,

Bill Jones

Executive Director

P.S. Mike knows this is going to be a great Thanksgiving because “God brought us here.” You can give to others like Mike that same new life. Please send your gift and Thanksgiving Card today. Thank you!

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