Man Drives a Long Distance to Bless our Benevolence Center

Canned-Food_450x300A few weeks ago, our Benevolence Center received a special delivery.  A representative from Gleanings for the Hungry, a ministry based out of Sultana, California, found his way to our campus to deliver over 2000 pounds of food!  Yes, you read that right – all the way from California to Florida!  Some might venture to ask why would this happen?  After all, between California and Florida are so many needy people.  But there is even more to this story than one would see at the surface…

This gentleman had driven cross country and, although he had never heard of our Benevolence Center or even of the Christian Care Center, got off the interstate at highway 44.  As many do on a road trip, he stopped into a restaurant to get a bite to eat, and was quickly invited to join two other gentlemen at their table.  After the conversation began, the traveler asked these two gentlemen if they knew of a center that could use such a large donation.  Although they volunteer at a sister food bank in the area, they knew this delivery was too large for that food bank, so they sent him our way.  Upon pulling on our campus, the traveler was connected with Glenn Shires, who serves as our Warehouse Manager and was able to receive the donation.  We are extremely thankful to our new partners, Gleanings for the Hungry, who have made such a generous donation to our Benevolence Center, a place where we are seeing lives transformed as we Meet Needs and Share Christ!donations

Some might call this story a coincidence, but to us there are no such things as coincidences.  We serve the God who has written an incredible story for each of our lives and also for this ministry here at the Christian Care Center.  Did this gentleman ‘just happen’ to wind up on our campus?  Absolutely not!  This is not a coincidence; this is a divine appointment that the Lord had planned from eternity past.



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