Scared Mother Comes to PFCC, Chooses LIFE for her Babies

answer to crisis preg to eliminate crisis not life

Several years ago, “Brittany” came to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center, pregnant with her second child and contemplating abortion. After Brittany was educated on abortion and after hearing a personal abortion story, both she and her boyfriend chose life. Two years later, pregnant again, she was overwhelmed with the thought of having a third child when she found out she was 12 weeks pregnant. Out of desperation she drove to an abortion clinic but once there she was convicted once again that abortion was not the answer. She left the abortuary in Orlando choosing life once again for this baby! I know some may think, “Well she just needs to quit having babies!” But, regardless of her lifestyle as well as her decisions, no child deserves the death penalty. No matter what, the answer is never to kill the baby! One of our counselors, Natalie Kraemer, observed, “The Lord was interceding on behalf of her unborn children – being their voice and choice, the choice of life. The Holy Spirit was guiding her heart through both of these situations, enabling her to realize that life is precious and valuable at every stage and in every circumstance.” Thank you, Jesus, for her choice for life!

We cannot emphasize this enough – please continue to pray for us at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center as we minister to clients who are so often scared, confused and hurting. Pray that the Lord will continue to use us to speak out for life and defend these precious unborn babies – who are not yet able to defend themselves! It is a very delicate opportunity that we are given, and we truly count on the prayers of so many as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the midst of so much hurt and grief on a daily basis.

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