Homeless Lady Comes to PFCC; Finds Job and also a New Place to Live

2Recently, we received a call from a concerned citizen about a young mom with a daughter who was homeless and spending her days at the Leesburg Library. So, we went to the library to talk to her. Mary comes from a single parent family and was formerly involved in an abusive relationship with the father of her daughter, Noella (1). Our volunteers and the staff at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center started praying with her, pouring into her and encouraging her. Although Mary had been able to procure jobs in the past, she could never keep them because she was homeless and not stable, sleeping curled up in the corner of a store or staying in the Leesburg’s 24/7 laundry mat during the winter for warmth. We sheltered Mary and Noella temporarily and were at least able to give her a roof over her head as we prayed for a break for her. The break came during July, when she was hired on the spot and she was asked to stay for a few hours that very day for training! We then put a housing plea out on Facebook and by the next morning I received a response by a kind woman and her daughter who were willing to rent their extra bedroom, just a half mile from Mary’s work!

We recently saw Mary and she was literally beaming! She is so happy to have a clean, safe place for her and Noella1 to lay their heads at night, allowing her to be able to better provide for her child. She still can’t hardly believe that she gets to shower every day! The simple basic needs that we take for granted were finally provided for through prayer and response from the community. This journey that Mary has been on has taught her a lot and we at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center were afforded an opportunity to mentor her. She is forever changed by God’s Word and the love of others. If you would like to financially support our ministry here at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center as we continue to minister to so many ladies like Mary, click here where you can contribute as a guest! Be sure to indicate your donation amount in the space by ‘Pregnancy & Family Care Center’. Thank you for your continued support!

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