Gracie’s Birthday

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“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

Working with children it is very rare for me to actually be surprised by the actions of a child. I have seen some wild and crazy things done and said by children for many years. But recently I received a phone call from a mother and there I was floored by the what I heard about this little child. This little girl Gracie was celebrating her birthday with her friends and family but wanted to celebrate in a different way. This was no teenage girl or high school girl this was a little child wanting to share the love of Christ with others who were hurting. This beautiful family contacted us so they can gather donations in lieu of presents to bless our children here at our shelter. And boy did they bless us! They sent out in their party invites a back story of what we do here at our Leesburg shelter and the pouring out of love was the outcome…


They brought personal water bottles, toiletries, books, toothbrushes, and a whole lot of goodies for our 12 children. They knew we just celebrated Christmas and were not in need of toys but asked for a list of those things we do need and they brought more than one could imagine. And if that was not enough when they came and brought the donations they also brought a pizza party to the children and celebrated Gracie’s birthday with our children as well. What a blessing!! But they were not done there either!! The following Friday they came back and this time they brought a horse for our children to meet and ride!!

bday1 bday2This little girl Gracie and her faith in Jesus Christ brought so much joy to a group of hurting children and I don’t even know of the eternal value her birthday party brought this year!

-Jamie, Director of CSH

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