The Unfolding of Part of God’s Sovereign Plan

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“Can you help me?  I just got out of LifeStream (Behavioral Center) and I’m pregnant and have a drug problem, will you come pick me up?  I have nowhere to stay and I need help.”  This call came in on a Sunday evening last May.  I asked Chymekia if she had a safe place to stay for the night and, if so, then to call me in the morning and I would pick her up for an interview to stay at the Women’s Care Center.  I had gotten her relative’s address from her during our call, but I didn’t hear back from her and she wasn’t returning my calls.  A week later Chymekia was still on my mind and I was in the Wildwood area so I stopped by the address she had given me.  It took two trips before I was able to catch up with her and a third to bring her to the Women’s Care Center (WCC), which is a residential drug rehab ministry, another one of the ministries at the Christian Care Center in Leesburg.
Mom and BabyIn spite of her progress while at the WCC, Chymekia chose to make an adoption plan for Nahume, realizing that she needed to continue to focus on her recovery.  She was introduced to Pastor Aaron and his wife Ryann from Eagle’s Nest Baptist, Fruitland Park.  They were wanting to enlarge their family through adoption.  Chymekia asked them to be Nahume’s forever family!  This little one, now called Malachi Nahume, will be raised in a godly family and immersed in His Word during his formative years!

Entire FamilyThank you for your prayers and financial support which the Lord uses to change hearts and lives for His Name’s sake at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center.  Click here to learn ways that you can continue to support this amazing ministry!

Wanda Kohn, Director

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