A Sweet 16 Party

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A while back, we received the following letter from a young person and it really touched our hearts, so we thought we would share it with you!

“I am reading the sequel to the book “Do Hard Things” called, “Start Here” by Alex and Bret Harris. They shared a story about a girl who had given her birthday to the Lord. She and a group of her friends played soccer with orphans in her home town. She also asked for no presents from her friends; instead she asked that they would donate to the orphanage. As soon as I got done reading that, I knew the Lord wanted me to do something similar for my sweet 16 that was coming up. I immediately said, “No way!” but after weeks of Him pushing me I finally gave in when I was at Bible study one night. Our Bible study leader, Annie, was talking about not asking God to bless your plans, but let God be your planner. That hit me right between the eyes and I gave in. I knew then that God would not bless my birthday party if I did it my own way.

I prayed for weeks for God to show me somewhere to volunteer at and finally came across your ministry. God gave me the idea of having a birthday party for all the kids! I honestly cannot take any credit for anything I did. I am a soft-spoken girl who is not a natural leader, but God carried me through and through me He was able to share His wonderful love with those wonderful kids! He gave me terrific friends who helped support me too! I had some parents there who, when finding out we wouldn’t fit in the designated area for the party, jumped right in and decorated outside in no time! One of my friends, McKenna, could tell I was nervous and kind of getting stressed, so she came over and said, “You look like you need a hug.” She hugged me, and then said, “You’re doing great, I think the kids are enjoying it.” It also encouraged me when I looked over and saw a friend of mine, Justin, building a Styrofoam airplane with the boy he had given it to. Multiple kids came up to me and asked who had given them their gift because they wanted to give them a hug. They cared more about who got them the gift than the actual gift itself.

These kids just wanted to be loved.  God knew this and allowed my friends and I to be His messengers! My friends have stories of their own about how they were touched with that evening and it just showed me that God had a divine purpose in this birthday party and that He gave me just the friends I needed at just the right time. God is good all the time!  If you need anything, please let me know! I will be praying for everyone at the Christian Care Center!”

We are so thankful for the partnership of so many people, including this young person!  Here are some of the pictures taken from this special day…

DSC_2983 DSC_2981 DSC_2980

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