The Power of Prayer

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E009676We often underestimate the power of prayer and that God is working before we ever arrive “physically” on the scene.  That appears to have been the case when this mother of two didn’t show up for her appointment with our office one morning.  We called her out of concern and, to our relief, she told us she had changed her mind – that she just couldn’t have an abortion, so she didn’t see a need to come see us.

You see, when she called the day before, we didn’t tell her if we were prochoice or prolife. We simply told her what we could do for her – get her an appointment for a free ultrasound with an OB/GYN to make sure how far along she is and check the viability of her pregnancy.  Because of this strategy when speaking to an abortion-minded woman, when she doesn’t show up for her appointment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she ran off to an abortion clinic – she could have just changed her mind and decided to give life to her baby instead!

God uses our “physical actions” but when they are preceded by “prayer” then it’s certain God gets the glory!

Thank you again for your continued prayers!


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