Sabrina’s Story

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sabrina-alias“Sabrina” came with her mother to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center in January of 2014 for a pregnancy test.  The results came back positive.  She was 17, very worried and a little scared.  Both Sabrina and her mom came back 12 days later to talk about abortion. The Mom was pressuring her daughter to have an abortion.  I explained why abortion was not the answer to her unplanned pregnancy and reminded her that it was the taking of another life.   Sabrina’s mom does not speak English, so Sabrina and I interpreted for her while we watched a film on abortion entitled “A Woman’s Right to Know”.  It really spoke to Sabrina and at that point she decided to keep her baby. She continued to keep up with us throughout the pregnancy and on September 15, 2014, Sabrina and her mom came in to show us her beautiful one month old baby boy!  Since then, Sabrina has often come to the Pregnancy Center to learn about parenting and complete Bible studies in exchange for receiving formula, baby clothes, a swing and diapers.  We thank God for the opportunity to minister to her!

-Written by Sophia Morrell, a volunteer of our Pregnancy & Family Care Center

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