Lilly’s Story

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A while back Sherry Stewart, who is the Assistant Director of our Women’s Center, received a letter from a young lady who Sherry had served while on staff at our Pregnancy & Family Care Center!  We wanted to share this letter with you.


Hi!! I hope you remember me.  I have never forgot you! I was one of the many young girls that you helped … you helped me to keep my baby instead of going a different route.  I just wanted to say thank you for going out of your way to help me and for showing so much compassion for my situation … she’s four years old now and such a big blessing in my life … I’ll never forget you!!! Hope all is well with you & family!  Thank you again!

Sherry remembered instantly who she was…in 2010, with Sherry only two months ‘on the job’, “Lilly”, a scared 16 year old showed up at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center  wanting to abort her baby.  She was going to get an abortion without telling her parents.  Sherry met her in Clermont for Lilly’s ultrasound appointment with a prolife doctor.  This was Sherry’s first time going to the doctor with one of our girls and she was just as scared as Lilly was!  Lilly allowed Sherry the privilege of being with her during the ultrasound.  Lilly cried when she saw her little girl on the screen.  Sherry spent a couple of hours with her after they left the doctor’s office praying with her and encouraging her.

Today, Lilly is a godly young woman who has gone to school, is active in her church and working full-time.  She will be forever grateful to Sherry and the ministry of the Pregnancy & Family Care Center.

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