A note from Chaplain Williams

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We wanted to share with you a note that was recently sent our way regarding the movie entitled “The Touch” which is about our Christian Care Center!

“Hello Pastor Ayris. I work closely with Chaplain Williams at Hernando County Correctional Institute. I am the Prevention Counselor. It is my job to teach and counsel on preventing recidivism. One of my classes is Victim Impact, in which I showed your amazing movie, “The Touch”. I know you read the testimonies. I wanted to send my personal thank you as I cannot express truly how God used this story to break down walls, to promote breakthroughs and close connections within the class. Amazing! All the glory to God!

I am going to show that movie again today. I have a new group just starting coming through and I look forward to how your story of triumph, unconditional love, and inspiration will impact these ladies. Be expecting some more letters! I have a new group every three months. It is an honor to be a vessel in which God uses to free the “prisoners” from their own minds.”

What an incredible blessing to see how the Lord is using this movie to reach others for Him!  You can see the trailer by clicking here.  Also, you can click here to purchase the movie off of Amazon!

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