Our Community Medical Center gave her a new smile and she gave one back at just the right time

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How Patients Give Back

I am a nurse practitioner at Community Medical Care Center. I was so shocked and very proud to see my patient Ms. S at my door in the middle of the night when my husband passed away.  You see Ms. S is working for a local funeral home.  She looked so professional in her suit with her name tag.  She gave me a really big hug.  Here is a summary of her inspiring story.  She came to our clinic in 2009, homeless, living at the Women’s Shelter.  Her self-esteem was low; she was in need of some medical care and a lot of dental care.  She was able to see our clinic doctors and the specialists she needed.  Our dentist gave her a beautiful smile.  I will never forget her smile, her hug and her concern as she comforted me in my hour of need.  Ms. S has been employed at the funeral home for more than a year now.  She is very close to completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  She would eventually like to work in the Medical Examiner’s Office.  I am so proud of Ms. S for her perseverance and accomplishments.  With God’s help we are able to touch the lives of many and rejoice in their success.

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