From Lake County Jail to Godly Family Man – a Thank You to his mentor (and our PFCC Assistant Director) Sherry Stewart

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If you want to find out about the character and compassion of the staff at the Christian Care Center, read this tribute to our Pregnancy and Family Care Center Assistant Director, Sherry Stewart.  When she’s away from helping young pregnant ladies in crisis, you may find her loving on inmates at the Lake County Jail.


“In this day and age titles like brother, sister, mom and dad are given to people we really like or would like to be family members. I sometimes do it myself, but not in the case of Neil and Sherry Stewart. You folk are my parents. Your obedience to God’s call to minister in Lake County Jail was an answer to the cries of the broken little boy trapped in my soul. You have taught me so much. Showing me the unconditional love I needed to grow and develop into an emotionally strong and confident man of integrity who loves and honors God. Everywhere I go and whatever I do, I am conscious of who I am and to Whom I belong, but I am also careful to recall the love of my parents. Because of you I love the man I am. Every compliment to my character I mentally attribute to you ( If not verbally) when I sit down to a formal dinner with confidence knowing which fork to use I smile inside. Best of all is the love. You’ve taught me to love God, my mate, family and others. In that order. The impact of our seven years together will be felt for years beyond my days (if the Lord wills). “I am everything I am because you loved me” and never gave up on me.

I love you Mommy and Pops.”

 Jermaine Gadsden

Sherry & Jermaine Gadsden '14


Sherry, Neil & Jermaine




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