How Patients Give Back

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From one of our Community Medical Care Center’s Staff:

“I am a nurse practitioner at Community Medical Care Center.  I was so shocked and very proud to see my patient Ms. S at my door in the middle of the night when my husband passed away.  You see Ms. S is working for a local funeral home.  She looked so professional in her suit with her name tag.  She gave me a really big hug.  Here is a summary of her inspiring story.  She cane to out clinic in 2009, homeless, staying at the Women’s Shelter.  Her self-esteem was low; she was in need of some medical care and a lot of dental care.  She was able to see out clinic doctors and the specialists she needed.  Out dentist gave her a beautiful smile.  I will never forget her smile, her hug and her concern as she comforted me in my hour of need.  Ms. S has been employed at the funeral home for more than a year now.  She is very close to completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  She would eventually like to work in the Medical Examiner’s Office.  I am so proud of Ms. S for her perseverance and accomplishments.  With God’s help we are able to touch the lives of many and rejoice in their success.”

If you would like to partner with the Community Medical Care Center by volunteering please call 352-787-8489.  To partner with us financially and help us continue to reach almost 8,000 patients per year, please use the “Donate” button on this website and specify “Community Medical Care Center”.


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